Private Lessons

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are our most popular program! Tuition is $95/month for 30-minute weekly lessons. Students need an instrument to practice on at home (ie keyboard with a minimum of 64 weighted keys, full-size digital piano, or acoustic piano). Piano books will be chosen by the instructor based on each student’s individual needs. The cost of books is $10-25.

Practice Expectations

Recommendations for specific assignments will be clearly notated by the instructor in the student’s practice record during each lesson. Students must provide their own notebook to be used as an assignment and practice log each week. Assignments and practice recommendations will be adjusted to fit each student’s individual needs and abilities. (Generally, it is recommended that each student practice a minimum of 4 times per week).

Parent/Legal Guardian Role

We hope to see parents/legal guardians supporting and encouraging progress and regular practice. We expect the parent/legal guardian to ensure the student arrives on time for each lesson. Student must have an adequate instrument at home with which to practice. Parents are welcome to sit in on private lessons, however, they are expected to remain quiet and respectful so as not to interrupt or inhibit the lesson.